Consent Agenda

The Board approved the Consent Agenda as presented.

Action Items

A.  Set the 2012 tax rate for debt service (dam repair project) at $0.0272 per $100 of value.  The is a reduction from last years rate as the appraised values went up about 52.5 million.

B.  Amended Article 9 of the Rules and Regulations requiring that camping fees be paid in full to make a reservation.

C.  Amended Article 14.16 (f) of the District's Rule and Regulations regarding total size of all the piers and boat houses on a lake home sites to a total of 3,500 square feet.

D.  Amended the Work Barge Permit to allow work barges to remain on the lake for 10 days between jobs.

E.  Made a counter offer to the Dirtings on their request to lease property in front of their lot.

F.  Accepted the Maryoung offer to lease property in front of their lot.

G.  Authorized the General Manager to enter into a contract with Suddenlink to provide internet, cable and telephone service for the main office at a 10% annual savings from what is currently being paid.

Discussion Items

A.  Discussed how the District was going to handle requests from lessees to lease property in front of their lots.  Will be placed on the next agenda for possible action.

Manager's Report

Reported on capital improvements.