Permitting Update

The District, effective immediately, will issue construction permits for retaining walls / bulkheads. These permits will be issued with the following special considerations in addition to the Rules and Regulations.

  • Retaining walls shall be constructed in a manner that improves the shoreline alignment, functionality, and enhances the aesthetics of the lake.Retaining walls must be constructed in a structurally sound manner which does not create an environmental or safety concern.
  • In addition to the terms and conditions of the permit, dredging, filling or retaining wall activities shall be performed in accordance with all applicable regulations and permits of the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers.
  • Backfill material used in construction activities below the elevation of 385.0 feet MSL must be reclaimed from the reservoir unless specialized backfill is specified by a registered Texas professional engineer (P.E.). Backfill materials must be obtained from the reservoir by adhering to applicable dredging regulations.
  • Construction activities that disturb soil below conservation pool elevation of the reservoir must employ erosion control practices (silt protection fencing, rock gabions, etc.) to minimize sedimentation reentering the reservoir.
  • Due to the unique nature of lakeside retaining systems, such facilities will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis and FCWD reserves the right to establish case-specific regulations and limitations where appropriate.

  • These required special conditions are included in the permit application available on the District's website.

    The District continues to work with it's engineering and legal teams to resolve the issues regarding waterfront construction, especially piers and boathouses. We are optimistic that we will be able to allow those types of permits to be issued soon.

    The wavier of permit fees on flood related damage will expire on July 1, 2016. At that time, normal permit fees will be required. Permit fees have never been waived on the issuance of permits for new construction.

    On a lighter note, the Independence Day fireworks show on Lake Cypress Springs is scheduled for Saturday, July 2, at 9:30 pm.