In response to complaints and threats of litigation that the District has received from lessees relating to the December 2015 flood events, the District put a moratorium on the issuance of construction related permits, except for dredging, water pumps, and painting/staining. This moratorium went into effect on March 3rd until the District's Board of Directors could consult with its attorneys at it's regular monthly board meeting, March 22. The repair of structures located on District property was not affected by this moratorium.

On Monday, April 4, the moratorium is being modified to allow for the issuance of new construction permits for structures that will have a floor level elevation of 385.5 feet MSL or higher. This floor elevation will be for the lowest finished floor point of the structure. This elevation must be verified as part of the required as-built survey before the permit will be given final approval.

Repairs to damaged structures do not require a permit and are not affected by the permit moratorium and may proceed as before. If you are unsure if what you are needing to do to repair your pier, boathouse or retaining wall constitutes a repair, do not hesitate to contact the District Compliance Officer for assistance.

A lot of misinformation is being spread regarding the inability of homeowners to sell their property. The District notified the local title companies that the Registration of Transfer form was being amended as the result of said threatened litigation and that a new form would be available in about a week. Several of title companies contacted the District about scheduled closings that might be adversely impacted by this delay and the District worked with the title companies to accept transfers on the scheduled closings, and no closings were adversely impacted.

The public forum with the District's engineers that was discussed at the February Board meeting has been scheduled for Tuesday evening April 5th from 5:30 pm to 7:30 pm. This forum will be held at the Mount Vernon City Hall, City Council Chambers. The engineers will be making a presentation and taking public comment.