Floor Elevation Survey
Task ongoing. Orginal hardware was not going to give accurate enough results so new equipment was necessary. Task cost increased from $12,500 to $27,500. Report results are schedule to be presented to the Board at the March 22, meeting.

FEMA Flood Insurance
Have made initial inquires on this issue. Obtained a FEMA contact from US Rep Ratcliffes office. Starting to understand that there may be some downsides to being FEMA mapped in that flood insurance would be reqired to get a mortgage and can make the sale of a lake property more difficult.

Emergency Spillway Evaluation
Have received peliminary results and a report of the final results will be included in the report at the March 22 Board meeting.

Economic Impact Report
The data entry form is avaiable on the website. Deadline for submission is March 11. Have received 36 submissions so far.

USGS Precipitation Station
Waiting on contract from the USGS. Cost will be @2000 for hardware and setup and $720 per year for data and data storage.

Structural Integrity and Damage Assessment of Fish Screen
Onsite work has been done, waiting on the final report from the engineer.

Service Spillway Boat Barrier
Have received a draft of the report and proposal, will have the final report for presentation at the March 22 meeting.