I have received several questions as to why the District is requiring the installation of the ID tags on boathouses. The reason we are doing this is, first and foremost, to help Lake Patrol more readily and speedily locate a particular lake residence in an emergency situation. The tags will also assist the District in the inventory and permitting of boathouses on the lake and make it more efficient for my Compliance Officer to work violations of the District's rules and regulations.

If you have a boathouse you will be receiving a package in the mail containing a letter and a metal tag. The following rule addressees the tag.

14.16 Piers and Boathouses

(b) Every boathouse on District Property shall have an identifying tag affixed to it in a location designated by the District so as to maximize visibility from the water. The District shall provide such identifying tags free of charge and the Lessee upon whose Leased Property the boathouse is located shall be responsible for installing and maintaining the identifying tag in the specified location.

When you receive the tag please attach it to the right hand pole five (5) to six (6) feet above the deck of the boathouse as it is viewed from the lakeside.

If you have any questions as to the location that this tag should be placed, please do not hesitate to contact the District. If you have multiple boathouses on a lot or have a pier only and no boathouse, please contact the District.

You must abide by the requirements of this rule, failure to do so could result in your lot being in violation of the District's Rules and Regulations.