It has been brought to my attention that a rumor is going around on FaceBook that the District does not have a boat available to handle calls for service on the lake by the Lake Patrol. It appears that the Sheriff’s office was providing erroneous information to residents who were calling in to report loose watercraft.

The District has two patrol boats, as well as other boats, that could be put into service if the need arises. If, in the rare situation that all the boats were out of service, the District would obtain a boat from another agency or rent one.

The District and the Lake Patrol take their duty to provide for the safety of residents and patrons of Lake Cypress Springs very seriously. Do not hesitate to contact the District with any concerns that you may have. If you need Lake Patrol, please contact the Sheriff’s office and one will be dispatched. If no Lake Patrol is on duty at the time, a deputy will be sent. If it is a call that must be handled by the Lake Patrol, one will be called in to respond.