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Who We Are

The Franklin County Water District is a conservation and reclamation district created by a special act of the Legislature in 1965.  The duty of the District is to control, store, preserve and distribute its waters and flood waters for all useful purposes.

Our Mission

The District’s mission is to provide quality raw water, maintain and operate Lake Cypress Springs, and provide public services in partnership with our customers and the community.  In addition, we plan to use our leadership role and environmental authority to ensure the protection and constructive use of the area’s natural resources.

The Franklin County Water District was created by a special act of the Legislature in 1965 at the request of the citizens of Franklin County.

What is the District?

…a conservation and reclamation district created under Article XVI, Section 59, of the Constitution  of Texas, comprising all the territory contained within the boundaries of Franklin County, Texas…and the boundaries of said District shall be identical with the boundaries of said County.


Governing Body of the District.
All powers of the District shall be exercised by a Board of five (5) Directors. These Directors are elected by the citizens of Franklin County.

Functions of the District.

(1)   To control, store, preserve and distribute its waters and flood waters, the waters of its rivers and streams, for all useful purposes and to accomplish these ends by all practicable means including the construction, maintenance and operation of all appropriate improvements, plants, works and facilities, the acquisition of water rights and all other properties, lands, tenements, easements and all other rights necessary to the purpose of the organization of the District.

(2)   To process and store such waters and distribute same for municipal, domestic, irrigation and industrial purposes.

(3)   To dispose of property or rights therein when the same are no longer needed for the purposes for which the District is created or to lease same for purposes which will not interfere with the use of the property of the District.


Ongoing Services Provided to Stakeholders and the Public

  1. Water Quality Monitoring
    1. Participation in the TCEQ sponsored Clean Rivers Program
    2. Regular monitoring, in cooperation with the TCEQ, of water quality in District’s reservoir
  2. Habitat Restoration
  3. Noxious Vegetation Control
  4. Public Outreach and Education
    1. Education of grade school children on water and the environment
    2. Education of the public concerning water use and conservation
    3. Education of water front property owners concerning homeowner interaction with an aquatic environment and a water supply reservoir
    4. Maintain a website as well as Facebook and Twitter presence.
  5. Public Safety and Law Enforcement
  6. Zoning and Code Enforcement on District controlled properties
  7. Providing and maintaining public access park facilities